1:1 Richard Mille RM052-1 Clone Watch

Today I introduce a young watch brand, but the price is not young at all. Do you know who it is? The well-known billionaire entry ticket, Richard Mille, therefore also symbolizes the power and position of wealth. This brand was founded in 1999. The name of the brand comes from Mr. Richard Mille himself.

It has always focused on the combination of watch design and sports events, perfectly interpreting the firm belief and tenacious fighting spirit of the brave players on the field. This article is about 1: 1 Richard Mille RM052-1 Clone Watch, made by ZF Factory. H-maker ( Located in Canada, the production of Richard Mille replica watches is more famous, Richard Mille Super Clone Watch.)

The application of ghost styling in entertainment is not surprising. Whether it is a haunted house adventure or a Halloween adventure, and the funny ghost face patterns on the clothing of men and women, it shows the uninhibited women and the brave men. Based on the watch, the RM skeleton skull design is more unique, and the exaggerated shape is unforgettable at a glance. There are three colors 1: 1 Richard Mille RM052-1 Clone Watches from ZF. Before that Richard Mille did a better job. It can be said that it is the EUR factory. So today the main character ZF factorys RM 052-1 clone Can't surpass the works of the EUR factory, let us wait and see!

The big reason why Richard Mille is so successful today is the highly recognizable design, especially the barrel-shaped case. This case is similar to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. It adopts a three-layer design of front case, middle frame and back cover, which is fixed by longitudinal screws. Even the strap is specially developed to harmonize the case, which perfectly fits the contraction of the case line. Let's take the most popular titanium alloy RM052 skull as an example to give you a comprehensive and detailed explanation.

1:1 Richard Mille RM052-1 Clone Watch

This Richard RM052 clone watch its case is made of titanium alloy and the body is finely brushed. With a size of 42.7 mm, it is the only product on the market that corrects the original data. The accuracy can be measured with a vernier caliper. Avant-garde barrel-shaped case, the size and shape of the 12 titanium screws are the same as the original. The mirror surface is made of sapphire crystal glass with the highest hardness, and the inside and outside are treated with colorless coating to achieve a very transparent and clear effect. The face of the disc is hollow and cool, and the time is indicated by the double-minute hour and minute hands. A tourbillon movement is set under the skull teeth at 6 o'clock. With the cold tooth design of the skull and the red gem light, this mysterious dazzle The cool breath showed to the extreme.

Here I want to explain that the tourbillon movement of the 1: 1 Richard Mille RM052-1 Clone Watch at the ZF factory is just a decoration, and it will not work; and the tourbillon of EUR is a true tourbillon movement Of course, the price of the true tourbillon is also high. The skeleton face of the skull is slightly curved, just like a human face, with a beautiful expression! Here ZF has made a bold challenge. The five screws on the face skeleton, which are as thin as sesame seeds, are real removable pentagon screws.

1:1 Richard Mille RM052-1 Clone Watch has very finely polished sides and a unique design style, making the watch more ornamental! The bezel and the bottom cover are made of nano-TZP ceramic. TZP is a tetragonal zirconia polycrystalline ceramic with low density, wear resistance, low thermal conductivity and other material characteristics. It is a high-quality material that makes this watch The bezel and bottom cover can be polished by microblasted and manual processes. In addition to the super-textured design, there is a ring of black rubber on the periphery, which not only protects the crown, but also makes it easier to adjust the rotation. Simultaneous CNC machining is used on both sides to make the shell between the top and bottom and the left and right sides have no gap between them. After the water test of 4Pa pressure, they are all 100% passed the waterproof test! The crown is a torque-limiting crown with a strong metallic feel. This crown helps to strengthen the safety factor and prevent accidental overwinding, thereby avoiding various potential damages, such as broken winding handles or springs. The clockwork pressure of the box is too high.

Richard Mille RM052-1 clone watch, the back cover is a transparent design, through the sapphire glass mirror can see the back of the skull, is also a major feature of this watch. Both the lettering on the bottom case and the sanding on the movement plate are very fine and perfect. The large black rubber strap is soft and comfortable without any taste. It fits the streamline of the human wrist and is sporty. The rubber strap is also the safest material for people who are allergic to metals, and it is equipped with a folding buckle of titanium alloy, which is simple and convenient to wear, and the English name of Richard Mille is engraved on the buckle. : 1 ZF Factory Richard Mille RM052-1 Clone Watch, no matter the workmanship, or the material is no problem, the biggest flaw is the tourbillon. Whether it is workmanship or tourbillon movements, EUR is always better, but one thing is that the price is slightly higher. In general, each has its own benefits, according to their needs!